Home Sellers Program

Designed for financially savvy sellers

Increase and capture your home equity before you sell.

This program has been designed for financially savvy home sellers that want to capture the potential equity in their homes and cash out at closing. We will help you increase your home value before you sell, instead of giving away your potential home equity to real estate investors.

Example for the home sellers’ program

Your home is in poor or less than average condition and could sell for $300,000

It is purchased by a home flipper or ibuyer, renovated, and resold for $500,000. The net profit for the investor could be up to $100,000.

We help you renovate and sell your home. At closing, you put the new equity in your pocket.

You don’t have available funds fTor the renovation? No problem. We will loan the renovation funds to you with low interest rates.

*The example above is for a property in poor condition. However, this process could also work with properties in average and less than average condition.

Summary of benefits

*If you are not represented by an agent, and you decide to renovate and list the property for sale with us, we will charge only 1.5% listing commission instead the regular 3%.